How To Catch a Pile of Feral Hogs


America is being overrun with feral hogs. These hogs are the decedents of domestic hogs that are either released or have escaped their pens. They breed with wild hogs and since they have very few natural predators they wreak havoc on natural resources and the environment. They also cause an estimated $1.5 Billion dollars per year in damage to farmers crops and lands. They are in essence a troublemaking bunch of pests. There are literally millions of feral hogs ranging all over the southern ...

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Spare Bedroom Transformed Into Stunning Office is Space-Saving Genius

bedroom office remodel makeover

Watch the transformation as this guest bedroom get turned into a small office with ample space and a hidden secret under the floor. For those who live in small spaces the space-saving genius of this remodel build is second to none. I for one would be proud to call this my home office. Tiny house builders should take note, this is how you do it. Increasing living space while also finding a nice place to put the bed while not in use. This is how it starts. Turning a simple guest room into a ...

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First Commercial Vertical Farm in USA Being Built in Wyoming


We have a problem. A big, BIG problem. The human population has tipped the scales at 7.2 billion people over the last few years, and almost a billion of us are undernourished. People in Africa, China, North Korea, the Middle East, and on America’s Next Top Model are starving. Some are for political reasons to be sure, but most are due to environmental reasons: drought, famine, poor soil. They simply don’t have the resources to combat these issues sufficiently. What’s worse is that these ...

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Ireland’s First Shipping Container Home Built in 3 Days & Houses Homeless People

ireland shipping container house

Ireland's first shipping container home was donated to the St Vincent de Paul charity and will be used as housing for the homeless. The shipping container home was designed by Architectural firm Ceardean Architects, and built by a 60 person team of contractors and craftsman. The whole process took just 3 short days.  "According to Derek Trenaman of Ceardean Architects, one of the main aims of the project was to serve as a “prototype” for communities looking for new and affordable ways of easing ...

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Flow Hive: Honey on Tap Directly From Your Beehive!


Flow Hive  You know you love it: that smooth amber flow of rich nutritious sweetness, that distinct rich flavor, that gorgeous natural bronze hue. You put it on your cereal, in your tea, in your coffee, you drizzle it on hot rolls, sweet buns, your lover. You know what I'm talking about: Honey! In the ancient fertile crescent of civilization, before high-fructose corn syrup, refined cane or beet sugar, even maple syrup, there was honey. It was mixed with wine to create a sweet and savory ...

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Colorful Solar Powered ‘Ravenlore’ Tiny House is Built to be Off Grid

Colorful Ravenlore Tiny House

Spectacularly colorful tiny house is 176 square feet of off grid, solar powered perfection. Looking at this super colorful pink and purple tiny house one would think it comes straight out of a Disney movie. Perhaps one of the coolest feature of the house is the solar panels . The roof was designed specifically to fit the panels, and the colorful shingles staggered to give it a fun checkerboard pattern. Few tiny houses come equipped with solar panels like this, and it's refreshing to see how nice ...

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Solar Powered House Produces More Energy Than it Consumes


Solar Powered House Produces More Energy Than it Consumes - This 800 square foot mobile home is 100% self-sufficient. "Carbon Positive House was designed to maximize solar gain and passive design strategies. Instead of relying on mechanical heating and cooling, the naturally ventilated home uses in-ground tubes to pull in cool air from the south side. The building is topped by a green roof for added insulation as well as a set of sliding vertical garden walls that shade and cool the building in ...

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PodRoof Steel Shipping Container Roof Kits Now Available in United States


MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: WWW.PODROOF.COM Marc Niemann 888-340-5460 Durable, Portable and Easy-to-Install PodRoof Steel Shipping Container Roof Kits Now Available in United States Crystal Lake, IL – Offering the highest-quality roof available for outdoor shelters, PodRoof steel shipping container roof kits are now available for the first time in the United States. Durable and long-lasting, PodRoof kits are rated for winds up to 110 miles per hour ...

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12% of North Americans To Be Off Grid & Energy Self Sufficient by 2035

solar cabin

Renewable energy technology (i.e. solar power and wind energy systems) are growing exponentially at such a fast rate that North American and European utilities will lose a reported "$48 billion a year in the United States and €61 billion a year in Europe by 2025" according to Accenture's newest research report "Utilities Face Significant Revenue Losses from Growth of Solar, Storage and Energy Efficiency, Accenture research shows". Coupled with the increased interest in renewable materials ...

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Tesla Motors Announces New Home Battery That Powers Your Home Off Grid

Tesla Battery Pack

Tesla Motors' Elon Musk has announced a new home battery that could take your home off the grid. The battery will use Tesla's own lithium-ion battery technology and will act as a battery backup and energy storage device. This is a game changer in the energy industry and could very well put an end to the century old utility companies and their monopolistic stranglehold on energy production and storage.   Tesla motors is by far one the leading car companies in the world. Their ...

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