Small Wind Energy Breakthrough Vertical Axis Wind Turbine


Media Release   June 2016. Small wind-energy breakthrough When watching a neighbour’s rooftop air extractor some years back, Australian inventor David Ettridge wondered why the popular air extracting devices were not being used to create energy. ‘I saw an opportunity to build a scaled up version of the air extractor and this started a 5 year […]

How To Make Money Off Grid: Making A Living From Your Homestead


How To Make Money Off Grid: Living off the grid is one thing. Actually making a living while living off the grid is quite another thing altogether. The good news is there are hundreds of ways to make money nowadays. The bad news…it takes work. But you’re an off gridder, or you want to be, and […]

How To Make a Rain Barrel The Easy Way


Here’s a great video on how to build a rain barrel for rainwater collecting. Since Colorado has recently made it legal to collect rainwater I thought it would be a good idea to post this quick and easy rain barrel for your home. This How To Make a Rain Barrel video was created by Texas […]

World’s Most Efficient Solar Panel Unveiled by SolarCity & Tesla CEO Elon Musk


Tesla and Solar City are have been doing exciting things over the past couple years. Tesla for both their introduction of the Powerwall off grid home battery system, the new affordable $35k Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle, the Tesla Gigafactory battery factory, and SolarCity for their ‘world’s most efficient’ solar panel. The solar panel has a reported 22.04% efficiency, […]

Beekeeper Trained His Bees To Make Honey From Weed


Now here’s a cool idea! Weed-infused honey. This beekeeper apparently trained his bees to make honey from marijuana. Apparently it’s possible to have natural made THC honey. Now I don’t know about you, but if true, this is really a novel idea. Homesteaders who love bees and weed might do well learning this technique. Honey […]

NEW Battery Tech Could Power Your Off Grid Cabin For More Than 500 Years


These nanowire-enhanced electrodes can withstand 200,000 cycles without losing capacity. Making the battery essentially last a lifetime before needing replacement. Typical rechargeable batteries in cellphones, computers, and cars only last a few thousand cycles before they can no longer be charged completely and their capacity is severely diminished. At which point you’d need to go buy […]

Volunteer Group of Urban Farmers Is Turning Florida Lawns Into Food


Grow food not lawns! Finally Florida is doing it. An all volunteer group of farmers are going around turning Orlando, Florida lawns into mini-farms. Chris Castro is all about growing food, not lawns. So he’s asking lawn owners to hand over a portion of their lawn to volunteer farmers who will in turn plant gardens […]

Saltwater Battery Can Power Your Off Grid Home For 10 Years

aquion battery

This new battery runs on saltwater and can power your home for nearly 10 years (3000 days/nights). The best thing is it’s safer for the environment. Not only are the new Aquion batteries are safer for the environment, they are also non-flammable, non-hazardous, and non-explosive, unlike traditional lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries. Because it’s full of […]

Colorado Legalizes Rainwater Collecting & Rain Barrels


We’ve all seen states crack down on people collecting rainwater, which really makes no sense to people who support conservation. Well, apparently Colorado has changed their minds and made it legal to collect rainwater now. This is great news considering the grief that has plagued residents before when it was illegal to collect rainwater. Yes, that’s […]