Utilities Get Beat Up in the Marketplace, Run Crying to Big Brother.


You knew it would happen. Companies that have been feeding the American People the addictive drug of cheap and easy electricity for a hundred years are beginning to feel the heat of new kind of competition: roof-top solar. People are flocking to energy independence, and releasing the tit of Big Electric, shifting the tide of electricity generation from the big plants to the solar and wind manufacturers. It is only natural then that these monetary behemoths defend their food-source and ...

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Tesla Motors & SolarCity Home Battery Systems Coming Summer 2015

solarcity solar powered home

Tesla Motors partnered with SolarCity to bring a solar powered home battery system to homes across the USA. Utilizing Tesla's proven battery technology, they have created a residential energy storage system which provides backup power in the event of an emergency. Powered by the Sun, the solar panel system provides power to your home and the lithium-ion battery pack stores the power for later use. It provides enough power to keep your refrigerator running, it allows you to keep the lights on, ...

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17 Year Old Teen Invents Machine That Makes Clean Energy & Fresh Water


Image Courtesy of Cynthia Sin Nga Lam and Inhabitat.com The next generation might just be able to clean up the mess we've gotten ourselves into. Cynthia Sin Nga Lam from Melbourne, Australia for instance, just entered an innovative device into the Google 2014 Science Fair that not only cleans contaminated water, but uses those contaminants to catalyze electrolysis to release hydrogen as a byproduct to be used in fuel cells to generate electricity, which, in turn, produces more clean water! ...

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Attack on Small Farms: Michigan Removes ‘Right-To-Farm’ & Bans Backyard Farms


In yet another display of anti-small-farm, the government in Michigan has banned chicken farming on small backyard farms. Thought this happened a while back the attack continues. More and more we're seeing attacks on small farms and backyard gardens through ordinances and unfair, biased rules that limit what homeowners can and cannot do with their own land. It's honestly a travesty that this is allowed to happen at all. yet it happens every day. "Michigan residents lost their “right to ...

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AWESOME Moldable & Reusable Plastic: You Can Make ANYTHING With This Stuff!


Plastimake is a material that you can use to make anything you want for just about any DIY project you can think of.  Every now and then you run across a product that is beyond the ordinary. As a hobbyist and constant tinkerer I love to build things and this plastic material to me has phenomenal potential. As an inventor and maker, I love making things from scratch and I can see many uses for Plastimake. Plastimake Plastimake is an easy-to-use plastic that you can shape with your bare ...

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander Concept is Perfect Off-Grid Vehicle

Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander Concept

If you're going off grid, are an out door enthusiast, love off-roading, or just like to get out there in the wilderness in practical style and comfort, then the Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlander is for you. FourWheeler.com The Jeep has long been at the core of the off road community for a very long time and rightfully so. Because it's arguably the best off-road vehicle ever made. The Jeep Wrangler of course being a direct descendant of the Willys Jeep created by American Motors, and later ...

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“Bladeless” Bird Friendly Wind Turbine

Catching Wind Power Bladeless Wind Turbine

89 year old military veteran Raymond Green of Catching Wind Power, has designed a bladeless wind turbine which practically eliminates the danger to birds and other wildlife that traditional commercial wind turbines pose. The wind turbine technically speaking isn't bladeless because the blades are housed inside the windsock. The unit is completely self contained and slightly cone shaped. This shape compresses the air and allows the turbine to turn in lower wind speeds. It's also very quiet ...

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Incredible Folding Picnic Table!

Magic Folding Picnic Table

Folding picnic table is the most cool thing you'll see all day. Imagine have a few of these for when you have a fish fry or grilling party at your off grid homestead. These are perfect for those impromptu picnics and family outings, tailgating parties and events. The whole thing folds up into a tiny little space, is easily stored, and has wheels so it's easily transportable. "This is a short video of my new Folding picnic table design. You can watch a more detailed video of it by ...

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UN Warns of 40 Percent Water Shortfall by 2030

UN Warns of 40% Water Shortage by 2030

The world could face a 40% water shortfall by 2030 if we don't drastically reduce the amount of water we are consuming and use more efficient water management systems. "Many underground water reserves are already running low, while rainfall patterns are predicted to become more erratic with climate change. As the world's population grows to an expected 9 billion by 2050, more groundwater will be needed for farming, industry and personal consumption." NYT - UN Warns World Could Have 40 ...

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Living Green Roofs or Solar Panels Now ‘Law of The Land’ in France

Solar Green Roof

It's now required by law in France for any new buildings to have green living roofs or solar panels installed. This is a huge step forward in sustainable living and will effect future architecture and building. It brings with it a new outlook on the future of our planet. By requiring new buildings to grow plants on a living green roof, or install solar panels, it turns buildings into part of a living, breathing city. It also shows the world what can be done when you require new construction to ...

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