Man’s Concrete Dome Home Survive’s Wildfire!

Dome Home Survives Wildfire

An amazing story about a man’s concrete dome home which survived a massive wildfire. There are few construction techniques or materials that are capable of surviving a fire. This man built a dome home from concrete. The wildfires in Washington couldn’t destroy this home though. It’s a testament to building based on your environment. If the […]

Amazing SALt Lamp Runs 8 Hours on 1 Glass of Saltwater & Charges Your Cellphone


This amazing lamp runs on saltwater! The SALt Lamp is produced by a company in the Philippines and can run for 8 hours on just 1 glass of water and 2 tablespoons of salt. That’s it! No complicated technology or harsh toxic chemicals. Simply water and salt. According to the company’s website it can also […]

Paper Thin Flexible Printed Solar Cells Could Provide Power for 1.3 Billion People


Paper-thin solar cells could provide power to 1.3 billion people all over the world. The flexible solar cells are printed on an industrial printer. Inexpensive flexible solar cells creates a market with unlimited potential and unlimited applications in many different industries. It’s not often you see a truly revolutionary product. This is one that is […]

“Why Aren’t You Off Grid? What Are You Waiting For?”


You hear the question all the time. “Why Aren’t You Off Grid? What Are You Waiting For?” This is a brief opinion editorial on why people are not moving off grid sooner. The main reason (in my experience; we’ve polled thousands of people) why people don’t go off grid sooner is not because of the “work” involved […]

Who Made this Gorgeous Lord of the Rings Fire Ring?


Who made this gorgeous Lord of the Rings fire ring? I was doing research on how to build a fire pit on my off grid ranch and ran across this awesomely cool and beautiful Lord of the Rings fire ring! “One ring to rule them all.” I scoured the internet looking for the creator and […]

The Price of Solar Power Just Dropped to an Incredible New Low Again


The price for solar power has just dropped to a new low, again. As more and more companies jump on the solar bandwagon and increase production of solar energy the price per kWh drops yet again. This is awesome news from a niche of the energy sector that is growing at an unprecedented rate. Never […]

Live Off the Grid Rent-Free in the Charming Wohnwagon Mobile Caravan


The Wohnwagon is a cute little solar powered off grid tiny house with it’s own solar power system, battery energy storage and a travel trailer all rolled into one. The roomy interior and rustic exterior combines to provide a modern but traditional look and feel to mobile living. This is a German version of the tiny […]

Conqueror Makes the Ultimate Off Grid Self-Sufficient Camper for Outdoor Adventures


How’s this for an off grid camper!? The Australian Conqueror is perhaps the ultimate self sufficient off grid outdoor camper. Complete with a kitchen, storage shelves, bed, tent, and pantry. It even has a built in kitchen sink! This camper is great for the outdoor adventurer and travelers who want to get out and away from […]

Water Extortion? Cities Can Shut Off Your Water, Fine You, Arrest You & Take Your Kids If You Don’t Pay

Dirty Dishes

The Double Standards of City Water Ordinances Across America: They Can Shut Off Your Water, But You Can’t. Is it legalized extortion? Cities all over America shut off water to tens of thousands of homes annually. The charge late fees and  monthly fees just to have water. Yes, it costs money for the city to provide […]