FALSE! – HUD is NOT Making it Illegal to Live in Your RV…It’s already illegal!

Tiny House Living False

FALSE! – HUD is NOT Making it Illegal to Live in Your RV…It’s already illegal! A few days ago I wrote a post about HUD making it illegal to live in RVs and tiny houses. It seems I might have jumped in the shallow end of the pool without checking the depth of the water […]

This Thin Flexible Material Turns Any Surface Into a Solar Panel


This flexible material turns any surface into a solar panel. It’s not often (ok it’s becoming more common) that a cool piece of technology comes out. You hear the words “game changer” thrown around so much you’ve become numb to it. However, this new solar technology promises great potential. This technology uses a material called […]

Off Grid Lifestyle Being Threatened by Outdated Restrictive Regulations


If you want to live off grid on your own terms, you might be out of luck. That is if you want to camp on your own land or grow your own food. Yeah… You’re not allowed to do that. In many areas. Outdated zoning and city ordinances and even some city enforced building codes are […]

HUD Wants To Outlaw Living in RVs and Tiny Homes

Tumbleweed Tiny House

Living in a Tiny House or RV Could Soon Be Illegal. The government (namely the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a.k.a. HUD) is proposing to make it illegal to live in an RV or tiny house. Yes. That’s right. RVs, campers, and tiny houses are at risk of being illegal to live in. The […]

Tiny House Village for the Homeless Goes Off Grid With Solar Power

Tiny House Village

A small tiny house village for the homeless in Eugene, Oregon goes solar with portable solar systems. The Opportunity Village is a tiny house community for the homeless which helps them with life’s necessities. Shelter being the biggest. Now they also have power with solar systems provided by Sunjack. The idea is simple. Provide a place […]

Strawberry Farmer Proves Organic is Better & Healthier


Strawberries! Everyone loves strawberries. Right? Well, those strawberries from the store are full of pesticides and nasty chemicals used to grow more crops. Supposedly it takes 300 pounds of chemical pesticides to cover 1 acre of a strawberry farm. I wonder where all those chemicals go. Perhaps the strawberries might soak them up, then afterwards, […]

Motorcycle Goes 300 Miles on 1 Liter of Water

motorcycle runs on water

A motorcycle that runs on water! It will go about 300 miles on just one liter of water. A Brazilian man has modified a small motorcycle to run on hydrogen. We all know that an ICE (internal combustion engine) will run on hydrogen, so there’s nothing new there. What’s amazing about this is that the modifications made […]

Amazing Off Grid Expandable Portable Shipping Container Home


Check out this amazing expandable shipping container home design! Take a standard 20′ shipping container and expand it out from both sides and the ends. This more than triples the original square footage of the shipping container. Total square footage is about 581 square feet when expanded. The platform is a basic shipping container, meaning the infrastructure […]

100 Year Old Solar Powered Electric Car: Powered by the Sun in 1960

Solar Powered Electric Car

Electric cars existed over 100 years ago. Yes! That’s right, there were electric cars over a century ago (which many people probably haven’t heard about). In addition. There was at least one Baker electric car with a 10,000 cell solar panel on the roof which was used to charge the battery way back in 1960. 56 years […]

New Indoor Solar Panels & Tesla’s Wireless Electricity Transmission Possible

graphene solar cell

New solar panels made with graphene are super efficient most light-absorbent material ever created. Imagine an indoor solar panel which could produce energy from indirect sunlight and could capture ambient energy from electrical devices in your home. In addition, the extreme conductivity of graphene has made it possible to create devices which could also literally […]