Would You Live in an Off Grid Community & Farm?

Would You Live in an Off Grid Community & Farm? That’s a question I once asked myself and a question many other people in the off grid world ask themselves. “Would I, could I actually live in an off grid community and farm?”. Many important things need to be considered […]

189sqft Super Modern Micro Home is Contemporary Beauty

The LifePOD (INDAWO) is a 182 square foot super modern contemporary micro-home manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa. It’s designed to be sustainable and practical. The design is very clean and spacious, and makes the best use of available space. The cost for this unit ranges from about $18k to $60k USD.
“POD-INDAWO is a […]

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Solar & Wind Power Now Cheaper Than Coal & Natural Gas

The New York Times reports that over the last 5 years solar and wind power generation costs have plummeted. This is more than a trend and promises to dethrone big and dirty energy producers which use fossil fuels to produce electricity. Actually if you think about it, it doesn’t make […]

100% Off Grid Solar Powered School Built From Shipping Containers in Malawi

School built in Malawi is completely off grid. Architecture For A Change built this school from shipping containers, and is complete with solar power and a rain water collecting system. It serves as a school for children, an adult training  center, a weekend market and a community center. The school […]

How To Make a Swedish Fire Torch

This is how to make a Swedish Fire Torch. This is pretty much a self explanatory way to build a campfire and survival fire. It lasts a long time and provides a flat surface to cook on.

“Schwedenfackel, or Schwedenfeuer (Schwedenfeuer, German Wikipedia). Roughly translated, it means “Swedish fire torch”, also […]

600 Watt Water Powered Generator Made from an Old Washing Machine

Homemade 600 Watt generator made from an old washing machine! now if you’re going to live off the grid and generate your own power you have to choose how you’re going to provide that power in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Everything you do must of course […]

Gorgeous Modern Tiny House Hand Built in 4 Months for $23k

Couple built this cute modern tiny house on wheels for less than $23k.

Tiny House Build

“Our 221 SF (+128SF in lofts) was self designed and built tiny house on a 28′ trailer. Built for $22k ($33k including all cabinets and appliances), our tiny house feels spacious, roomy and totally livable. BEST […]

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Bobcat Wood Splitter is Crazy AWESOME!

I want one! This is the coolest wood splitter in the world. I must have one for my off grid farm. This will make you envious for sure. Instead of spending all your time on weekends for the spring, summer, and fall, imagine only spending one day cutting enough firewood […]

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Dear Facebook, Let My People Go!

Hey Facebook, You’re hurting my business and my fans.

I, like many thousands of hard working people, run an online business. A business which is being hurt by your actions. A business which I am considering moving to another social network if you continue to limit my post’s reach to my […]

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Awesome 750sqft Solar Powered Floating Greenhouse is Pure Genius

How about a solar powered floating greenhouse? Want one? I do. Dubbed the Jellyfish Barge. It’s a 750sqft octagonal shaped barge which floats atop recycled plastic barrels. Capable of supporting and providing up to two families with healthy organic food.

“… Jellyfish Barge is a floating agricultural greenhouse, able to purify salt, brackish […]