Ultimate Underground Greenhouse Built From Converted Pool


Everyone knows the best way to grow food year round is in a greenhouse. But there are many types of greenhouses, some designs are better at letting more light in and others are better at  insulating the greenhouse from the cold. Some are better designed to stand up to strong winds or heavy snow loads. […]

Solar Powered Vertical Garden: A Stackable & Portable Greenhouse Aquaponics Garden


This solar powered vertical garden is an Off Grid World original design developed from a need to grow food in a small space using high-yield-high-density aquaponics growing techniques. The system is originally based off of a shipping container’s ability to stack vertically, as well as provide a portable and shippable solution for easily transporting and setting […]

Gorgeous Portable Solar Powered Home Can be Moved Anywhere


This is a new version of the modular or mobile homes of the past. It is a very modern prefab home.  The unit is movable via a crane which can place it almost anywhere. Even on the top of a hill or elevated platform, for better views of the local sunset. It is very well […]

Town Rejects Solar Panels Because They ‘Suck Up All The Sun’s Energy’


Apparently some people think solar panels suck up and drain the sun’s energy and we’re all doomed because they also cause cancer and everyone will move away from town because of it. At least that’s what people in this small NC town are afraid of anyway. Seriously? Can people really be this silly? “A North […]

Ginger a Natural Medicine and How to Use it

Healthy, herbal tea or infusion, of fresh root ginger, on a white background

Fist of all Ginger has been used for thousands of years as a natural treatment for nausea, it could be from motion sickness or pregnancy. Or just because you are feeling nauseous. Try candied ginger, ginger tea or even ginger cookies to relive the nausea. Pretty easy and simple, no worries. If you ask me […]