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Dear Reader,

I am the director and owner of Off Grid World. This site is the brainchild of years of my research into sustainable living, renewable energy, and countless thousands of hours of work to move off grid. It has evolved from a simple idea for a personal homestead for my family, to live a more sustainable lifestyle, and share this information with the world.

THE PROBLEM: All over the world people cannot afford to live  sustainably much less comfortably. They cannot afford to buy a home, land, and the needed technology to make themselves and their families self-sufficient. Most people, if they are able to find employment, spend most of their time working just to pay bills, and can barely keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

THE SOLUTION: The idea isn’t just to build a house on a piece of land, but rather a whole sustainable system whereby a reasonable sized family can live comfortably, producing their own food, water and energy enabling them to become self-sufficient.  This also has the added benefit of contributing food and energy to the community as well. The energy efficient system is designed to combine current off the shelf technology which is proven and affordable, creating a hybrid system of living which provides the necessities comforts and some of the luxuries of traditional homes.

Community takes people working together toward a common goal. Living sustainably takes work and dedication, drive, motivation, and a deep need to “get back to our roots”, and live healthier more fulfilling lives.

This is what Off Grid World is about.

It’s what I am about.


Eric Wichman
Off Grid World